Deep Water Culture(DWC) Hydroponics System

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Deep Water Culture Hydroponic SystemHydroponics has many techniques and systems, which can be combined to cater to your plants’ requirements. Deep water culture (DWC) is a type of hydroponics system in which the plant roots are suspended and allowed to grow in an aerated nutrient medium in a deep or shallow reservoir.

For DWC, begin by germinating the seeds in rockwool cubes and simultaneously keep your DWC baskets ready with expanded clay pebbles. Fill the reservoir with enough nutrient solutions so that it can moist the clay medium. You have to make sure that the roots are being well established through the net pot. Allow this root system to hang for maximum absorption of oxygen along with optimum uptake of nutrients. This ensures rapid growth throughout the life of the plant. You can connect multiple buckets and use a reservoir to supply nutrients to each of them in a modified version of DWC, commonly known as recirculating DWC systems. It is an added advantage that constant flow oxygenates the water, ensures a good mix of nutrients, and stabilizes pH all over the system. Another variation of DWC is bubbleponics, in which the nutrients are top-fed over roots that leads to increased growth rate during initial phases.

You can grow small to medium sized plants like herbs, small flowers, and lettuces. If spaced properly, DWC can work with larger sized plants as well for hydroponic gardening. Though deep water culture is cheap and simple, you have to keep in mind to replace the nutrient solution and clean the tank at least once a week. Otherwise, it may cause nutrient depletion and develop root-rotting pathogens and salt deposits. Remember to use dark colored tanks or wrap it with black film to protect the roots from light; oxygen along with light promotes the growth of algae. Constantly monitoring the pump and maintaining the pH of the reservoir between 5.5 and 6.8 is required for efficient working of DWC.  Even though the system is little high on maintenance, it provides the best possible environment to your carefully grown plants giving them rapid growth, leading to better quality produce, higher yields, and profitable returns.

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By Dez Martin

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