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Diversify Your Garden Plants with Seed Trading

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Seed TradingIf you are a smart gardener who is willing to save some seeds picked up from your garden plants or from left over seeds you bought from the market, you are definitely not going at loss. If you want to vary the kind of plants you grow, you can borrow some extra seeds from your friends or you can seed trade for new varieties with other gardeners.Search gardening news for seed trading.

Your saved seeds can save your expenses on buying other variety seeds. You can exchange the collected seeds by contacting growers on seed exchange online forums. It is important for you to build up a good name among the seed traders involved in these forums, so you can have access to rarer and good quality seeds. Mention the crop seeds you wish to give, not to forget the variety name. If you are looking forward to get some varieties from them, be polite and name the exact kind. Seed trading is done on equal ground that means you exchange seeds of equal value, rare seeds with like or with high quantity of normal seeds. In short, your seed is your money; use it wisely.

Seed’s viability is of paramount importance in agriculture industry, so you should have all the necessary information like the collection date of the seeds, whether they are open pollinated or hybrids etc. Communicate and fix your deal with gardener over e-mails or a call (it is better to opt for e-mails) who has your desired seeds. Make sure you carefully pack your seeds before posting them thereby avoiding any contact with moisture. You can use regular envelopes, coin wrappers, small plastic zipper bags, and glassine and tea bag envelopes to dispatch the seeds. Double-check and label them clearly for each variety. Don’t forget to bubble wrap the seed packet as during postage they might be crushed during sorting.

Many generous gardeners in these seed trading forums offer free seeds and all you need to do is to send a cushioned envelope with adequate postage so that it can be posted to you. It is usually called as Self Addressed Stamped Bubble Envelope (S.A.S.B.E.). You can be generous, re-trade if you received seeds in excess, and remember, don’t grumble if you haven’t received any. Just drop a polite reminder e-mail to your fellow trader in such case. If you have received wrong seeds from them, you can do the same. Remember, seeds are never waste; sow them or trade them; they would always make your gardening experience a pleasurable one.

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