Houseplant Care Tips – Magic of Plant Growing

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Houseplant Care TipsAlmost any houseplant can be grown by changing the environment per the plant’s needs. Hydroponic plants grow very well under monitored conditions. Houseplant care is something you need to practice and master in due time. With hydroponic gardening you can grow not only vegetables and fruits but aesthetic plants as well. Here are certain tips you can follow to get grow exotic plants.

Wild plants:

You will find that many of the weeds and wild plants are in fact very useful in day to day life. For example Dandelion flowers can be made into a delicious jam and the sap in the stem is an effective treatment for warts and veruccas. Also the young leaves can be used in salads. They are an excellent source of vitamin C. Houseplant care of Dandelion includes proper watering and provision of light to the plants. Properly prune the plants to have them grow healthily. Similarly, Bramble (or blackberry) leaf tea has long been recognised as a helpful tonic and aid to digestive disorders. Blackberries make excellent hydroponic plants. You can use hydroponic nutrients and organic fertilizers from Advanced Nutrients to grow blackberries.

Perennial Plants:

Asparagus is an excellent houseplant and responds well to hydroponic growing. When there are very few vegetable available in early spring, Asparagus is a great option. It is a perennial plant and if maintained well it lasts for years. It needs only a layer of seaweed or sand added every autumn to keep it growing healthily. If you grow asparagus from seeds, you will need to wait at least for three years to get your first harvest.

Also another perennial, blackcurrant, is famous amongst hydroponic growers worldwide. Blackcurrant is useful in making jams, jellies, and juices. Also many alcoholic products contain fermented blackcurrants. Blackcurrant leaf is used for its vitamin and mineral content.

Herbs and spices:

Herbs like parsley and mint are grown as houseplants since many centuries. Parsley is mostly used in garnishing. It has high mounts of iron and vitamins and thus is considered as one of the most nutritious herbs. Parsley freshens breath and thus is added to garlic breads. Mint is useful in both medicinal as well as culinary purposes. Since a long time, in Ayurveda, mint is used to treat digestive disorders. Also, mint is used to spice up gravies and soups.

Houseplant cares is all about growing your own magical, green, and fresh herbs and attend after them.

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By Dez Martin

Get tips and ideas about hydroponics supplies. Also, learn how to use hydroponics supplies for growing medical marijuana.

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