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Thanksgiving Gardening IdeasAs a grower, you might busy making preparations for your Thanksgiving weekend leaving aside your gardening tools. So are you confused by the title of this article? Many of you might be wondering how gardening and thanksgiving go hand-in-hand? Well, with the help of indoor hydroponics and outdoor gardening, you can get many ideas for thanksgiving decoration. In fact, you can cultivate your garden in accordance to this festival and call it thanksgiving gardening!

To begin with decoration, first of all list down the elements you will be using. You can use fallen leaves, gourds, pine cones, and tree twigs. Also, flowers like roses, daisies and lilies look good on thanksgiving table. Not to forget, an aesthetic cactus plant with delicate flowers is a must for thanksgiving gardening. With the help of indoor hydroponics, you can cultivate floral plants and decorate the table with various combinations. For example, pairing orange roses with red ones will give a colorful appearance to the centerpiece. Sunflowers are also excellent choice for decoration because of their bright and lively yellow colored petals. You can grow sunflowers indoors in LED lights; however, outdoor gardening is a better choice to cultivate sunflowers. You can put fist sized pumpkins around flowers to make the centerpiece even more impressive.

To grow Thanksgiving cactus with hydroponic gardening, you need to fill a small growing container with one part nutrient media and one part fine-grade fir bark. Add just enough water to moisten the media and place the container in a location that receives bright, indirect sunlight. Once the plant begins to show signs of growth, move it to a very dark location for 12 to 14 hours a day so that it develops flower buds. Remove the Thanksgiving cactus from the dark location once flower buds begin to develop. As this plant does not have typical cactus spines, it is great ornamentation for thanksgiving.

Another way to give your thanksgiving décor a natural look is to bring autumn home! Make use of all the fall foliage from your outdoor garden. Place a few shorter sticks that are adorned with colored leaves into small vases or construct one large centerpiece with a longer branch and a vase with a longer neck. You can also use dried flower petals to spread across the table. Branches of berries will add more color to the table as well.

This autumn, let your indoor and outdoor gardens help you decorate for Thanksgiving! With little creativity and an eye for ornamentation, you can surprise your family and friends with all-natural Thanksgiving ambience.

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By Dez Martin

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