Holiday Heroes Helping Bulgarian families On Christmas Holiday

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The first time in Bulgarian history, Bulgarian business owners in conjunction with Bulgaria’s popular celebrities and the help of an American entrepreneur are joining together, starting a society that will provide food to more than 1,000 needy Bulgarian families during this Christmas holiday.

 What is commonly followed in many countries during the holiday season has been, and unbelievably, missing in Bulgaria until now.

 More than 500 volunteers have signed up to help out to pack and deliver the Holiday Heroes gift boxes that contain a holiday turkey dinner with all the traditional gifts and toys for the children.

This event is about social revolutionize, a spark of hope that has ignited the people, in a very unconvinced nation that is also one of the European Union’s poorest countries that has been slowly changing from its old ideologies.

Everything which will happens during this drive is totally visible and is laid out step by step on the Facebook and website for all to see and follow along now, and as Holiday Heroes grows throughout Bulgaria over the years with the goal of feeding 10,000 or more families yearly.

Furthermore, it will be a “Blueprint” for future Bulgarian charities to follow and create an important mental shift in people’s attitude towards charity, life and what is really possible for Bulgaria when they come together.

 So Join To Holiday Heroes and be a hero.

For more information: Holiday Heroes Brings Christmas Spirit to Needy Bulgarians

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By Dez Martin

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