How to Avoid Disaster in Your Hydroponics Garden

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Plant viral disease protection and protection from other kinds of ailments should be at the forefront of every hydroponic growers mind. When it comes to hydroponic growing, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.

By taking important steps towards plant viral disease protection and protecting you plant form bacteria, harmful fungi, and plant deficiency, you greatly increase your chances of enjoying the harvest season, rather than lamenting the fact that you didn’t do more to protect your investment. Here are some key diseases to note and important steps to take to prevent deadly viral diseases from infecting your plants.

Virus – Plant viral disease protection can be very tricky.  In order to do it, you need a hydroponic product built specifically for plant viral disease protection. The best types of these products contain Salicylic Acid. This acid functions much like a vaccination works in humans.

When your plants are exposed to salicylic acid, they take it as a threat (even though the compound itself is harmless to your plants) and immediately boost their natural defenses.   To get the most benefit from plant viral disease protection product, make sure to use it as a foliar spray as well. After treatment with salicylic acid, your plants will be much more prepared if your grow system suffers a viral attack.

Bacteria – With harmful bacteria, you want to fight fire with fire. Before harmful bacteria have a chance to take hold in your system, make sure to include a hydroponics product that contains beneficial bacteria.  These beneficial bacteria will hold a near monopoly on the resources that bacteria need to survive, which will make any harmful bacteria that enter your reservoir much less likely to cause any trouble.

As a bonus, by making sure that only beneficial bacteria enter you hydroponics system, you will enjoy increased nutrient uptake and overall healthier plants.

Fungi – Harmful fungi should be prevented by making sure that the humidity in your grow room doesn’t climb too high. Harmful fungi thrive in moist environments, so if your grow room becomes too humid, it can severely speed the germination of any fungi that might be in your reservoir.

You should also use products that contain beneficial bacteria and beneficial fungi.  Certain kinds of beneficial bacteria can actually help speed the germination of helpful fungi. When beneficial fungi enter your system, much like with beneficial bacteria, it makes it much more difficult for

Deficiency – The fourth kind of disease that plants suffer don’t actually come from any kind of outside source. They simply come from a lack of nutrients. Make sure that your nutrient solution is well balanced.  Even if everything looks fine in your reservoir, it is still possible to suffer a deficiency because of poor uptake.

Make certain that the pH in your reservoir maintains at a level of 5.6 and that the nutrient solution temperature doesn’t fall below seventy degrees.

In the end, however, all of the plant viral disease protection in the world doesn’t help you if you don’t have the right hydroponics tools sand know how to use them properly.

To learn more about the tools you need for plant viral disease protection and protection from other potential problems in your garden, visit the gardening section featuring articles, tips and tricks on hydroponics

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By Dez Martin

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