How to choose Marijuana Smoking Accessories?

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The bongs, pipes, bubblers and vaporizers are ultimate accessories for any marijuana users. But buying weed in an illegal city can cause you big loss. Many pot shop owners take advantage of this situation and try to rip off the consumers. There are times when you’re cheated and you’ve no option left to recover your loss. We all want to avoid this situation but don’t know how to do this and be on safer side. This article will show you some bitter realities of marijuana store owners ripping consumers and things to follow before you buy pot smoking accessories wisely without getting cheated.

Smoke Shops functions in a restricted area of legality and they hide themselves when things come to consumer service and refund policy.  The smoke shop owners use several tactics to cheat the costumers unlike other normal retail stores. They make sure on how to avoid situation when comes to refunding or replacing the products. You’d be fortunate if the smoke shop gave you in-store credit. If you pay money using credit cards or check instead of using hard cash, the cannabis shop owner knows your identity and he might use it against you. There are cases when marijuana consumer has big-money argument with the staff; the staff indirectly blames the grower as annoying person unless the grower leaves the stores.

Many head stores often lie regarding the information on the quality and origin of their marijuana smoking accessories like pipes, bubblers and bongs. Roughly, all head shops claim that their smoking goods are either made in Canada or USA. But the reality is that many products are made using dangerous materials, sweatshop labor or bad manufacturing process. Not only is the product made of inferior quality it also endangers your health due to use of toxic materials, plastic, glass shards. These things can negatively affect your health. You should never ever use a plastic, metal or wood item to smoke cannabis because they are not safe for health.

Especially in states where medical marijuana is not legal, there are chances where smoke shops can actually be police fronts or under surveillance. Sometimes police uses undercover cops into head or pot shops. You can’t really trust the store staff because this might call for unwanted police visit to your house. This same applies to online stores-if you have any disputes beware they know your email address.

Do proper research on accessories you are about to buy or before investing $$$. The store owners must provide you with exchange or refund policy, if he fails to do so give a second thought before buying the accessories. You can visit different weed stores before purchasing the products to understand the whole working of the shop owners. If you’ve have some bad experience, share your story with different marijuana community and hence the quality marijuana shops will be awarded!

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By Dez Martin

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