Hydroponic Growing Techniques for Better Yields

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Hydroponic Growing Techniques for Better YieldsIt is a pleasure sight for any hydroponic grower that his garden is full of rich yields. For that, one has to practice certain techniques in hydroponic gardening. Choosing the right technique will give you better yields with hydroponic growing.

Deep water culture:

This method is ideal for small to medium sized plants. Plant roots are suspended in to nutrient solution in this method. The water is kept oxygenated. This technique is very effective as it allows plant roots to absorb large quantities of oxygen and also it provides rich nutrition to plants.

Herbs, small flowered plants and lettuce grow very well in this type of hydroponic gardening technique. If you wish to grow large plants in deep water culture, make sure that you go for larger container so that roots get enough space to spread out.

Ebb and Flow technique:

In this system, grow tray is temporarily flooded with nutrient solution and then it is drained back to the reservoir. A submerged pump is used to force nutrient solution in and out of the tray. This technique is very versatile and you can use it with different kind of media.

You can grow a variety of plants at your indoor vegetable gardening using this technique. Plants like tomato, lettuce, and pepper grow very well and give you a better yield with ebb and flow technique.

Expandable drip system:

This technique is very efficient for larger plants. It is one of the most widely used forms of hydroponics.  Plants are placed in to the growth medium suspended by baskets. Water and nutrient solution is dripped through the growing medium from reservoir in such a way that plants can intake them with the help of their roots.

Plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, aloe and pineapple grow very well in expandable drip system.

Nutrient Film Technique:

This method is ideal for medium to large sized plants. This technique involves a thin layer or film of nutrient solution flowing over the roots of plants. Roots take nutrition from this film.

Plants like African violets, tomatoes, herbs, romaine lettuce etc grow very well with the help of Nutrient Film Technique.

Depending upon the type of plant you grow, you have to choose the correct hydroponic gardening technique and it will give you better yield.

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