Hydroponics Supplies for Measurement

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A hydroponic grower is only as good as their knowledge and skill. Besides, by knowing the best growing equipment and hydroponic supplies to use, they also have to know as much as possible about their grow room and its environment. If they don’t have the appropriate knowledge, they won’t be able to make the adjustments that help the plants grow the best. By arming themselves with all the best knowledge and measurements, they can very precisely control the factors that help their plants provide the biggest yields.

Here are just a few of the essential hydroponics supplies that every serious grower should own.

Thermometer – The thermometer is one of the simplest, but also one of the most important hydroponic supplies that you can own. Most plants favor growing in fairly warm temperatures and if the temperature drops too low, it can have terrible affects on your plants growth. A classic, simple mercury thermometer should do the job just fine, but if you want to get a little more advanced, there is a large selection of digital thermometers that can help you understand the temperature of a room at a glance. You should also have a separate thermometer for your reservoir, because the temperature of your nutrient solution can have an impact on how well the nutrients are absorbed.

Ph Measuring System – You want to make certain that the pH of your reservoir stays within the optimal range to ensure total absorption of your avialble nutrients. And this is why a good pH measuring system should always be among your hydroponics supplies. The easiest way to do this is through litmus paper, which comes in sheets that change color according the pH balance of your nutrient solution. If you are willing to spend a bit more money, you can buy a “smart” pH meter that measures the pH electronically with the help of a metal probe. Many growers have also reported success using the same pH meter they use to measure the pH of their home pool.

EC Meter – A good electric current meter should also be an important part of your hydroponics supplies. These measure the density of the nutrients in your reservoir by measuring the conductivity. The more conductive the nutrient solution, the more dense the nutrients are. This is important because you don’t want your nutrient solution to become too dense, and therefore harm your plants. At the same time you don’t want it to be too thin, and therefore not give your plants all of the nutrients that they need to thrive.

Measuring Cups and Spoons – Measuring cups and spoons are very simple pieces of equipment, but they are essential for accurate measurement. Some of the best measuring cups for the purposes of hydroponics are clear and have markings that measure in milliliters. You should also have an eyedropper on hand for when you are supposed to make very small, very exact measurements of liquid. Being very precise in hydroponics for all of your measurements will help you find the mixtures and measurements that work the best for your plants.

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By Dez Martin

Get tips and ideas about hydroponics supplies. Also, learn how to use hydroponics supplies for growing medical marijuana.

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