Plant Vitamin Enhancer as a Hydroponics System Supplement

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There are a lot of hydroponic supplements available to growers today and all gardeners want to make sure that they spend their money only on the ones that truly give them the most benefit. But even if you limit yourself to a few hydroponics supplements, a good plant vitamin enhancer is well worth the investment.

Plant vitamins enhancers typically have a lot of B vitamins which can have numerous benefits for your plants no matter what you are growing or what you goals you have for your operation. These substances can have incredible affects on your plants, creating an extremely favorable environment in your nutrient solution.

Here are a few of the great things that plant vitamin enhancers can do in your grow room.

Increases Stress Resistance – Just like any other being, plants can suffer stress. And just like a stressful job can make you tired and feel sluggish, stressful conditions for a plant can make it grow slowly or not uptake nutrients appropriately. The most common causes of stress are disease, poor environmental conditions and being transferred to a new medium.

The best ways to help your plant deal with stress is by using a plant vitamin enhancer. The B vitamins help your plant weather these kinds of lulls much more easily which means that temporary instances of stress won’t result in decreased yield or stunted growth.

Makes Cloning Easier – Ask a hundred hydroponics growers what the most challenging and frustrating aspect of hydroponic growing is and chances are the majority will reply propagation. The fact is cloning is a very precise operation. You have to make sure that your stem cuttings are very carefully chosen, that they are transferred to the new medium with the greatest of care and that the new medium has all the elements necessary to induce rooting. Even then, many growers witness that a significant portion of their cuttings die off very rapidly.

This is where the stress-resisting power of plant vitamin enhancer comes into play. Cutting a stem from a plant is actually extremely stressful for the stem and the shock might prevent it from form forming roots rapidly enough to take hold. Plant vitamin enhancers can help stave of this stress and help your cut stem’s metabolism enough to form new roots extremely rapidly. Once the rooting system begins to form, the vitamins will help it expand and start soaking up nutrients very quickly.

Increases Plant Metabolism – Hydroponic growers should always be working to increase their plants’ metabolism. With a faster metabolism, plants are able to process a great deal more nutrients at a faster speed, which can lead to faster growth. Faster growth means that you will enjoy faster harvests and bigger yields.

To get the absolute most benefit from your vitamin enhancer, combine it with other hydroponic products that help further enhance the available vitamins.

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By Dez Martin

Get tips and ideas about hydroponics supplies. Also, learn how to use hydroponics supplies for growing medical marijuana.

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