Tips to Grow Chinese Vegetable Seeds with Hydroponic Gardening

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chinese vegetablesChinese vegetables come in a variety of intriguing shapes, sizes and textures – from fuzzy melon (the gourd, not the drink) to the tender young shoots of the bamboo plant. Chinese vegetables are not only a culinary essential for Chinese cooking; they are welcome additions to a indoor vegetable gardening. There are many different Chinese vegetables available to the home gardener. There are Chinese melons, cucumbers, long beans and gourds; these are warm season crops, suited to areas with long, hot summers. There is Napa cabbage, Chinese mustard and gai lan; these are cool season crops, which you can grow year-round in mild winter areas.

Chinese seeds grow very well with the help of hydroponics. Hydroponics is a technique of growing plants in nutrient media without using any soil. It is a type of plant cultivation that is derived from the use of water and minerals delivered to the root system without soil. Essentially, plant roots are placed in a water solution with minerals and nutrients and sometimes a substrate such as sand or clay. No soil is used in hydroponics, but seeds must be started in soil, growth cubes or another growing medium before being transferred to the hydroponics system at an early stage. You can grow many Chinese vegetables hydroponically from their seeds.

First off, you will need to sow seeds 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep, 4 inches apart, in loose, weed-free soil. You can also sow seed indoors four to six weeks before the last frost, and transplant outside two weeks later. Chinese vegetables withstand frost and low temperatures well. Water and fertilize the seedlings regularly for fast-growing, tender plants. Chinese vegetables can get leggy if you allow the soil to dry out.

If you are growing Chinese vegetables hydroponically then sow the seedlings in growth media like perlite, rockwool or coconut fibre and provide nutrition from reservoir. Once your seedlings have begun to sprout from the growth medium, water them sparingly with a reduced hydroponics solution of 25 to 50%. If you used growth cubes, you can transfer the cubes directly to your hydroponics system as soon as the seedlings sprout. Run only a 25 to 60 percent nutrient solutions until the plants begin to grow steadily, and gradually ramp up the solution to your desired level.

Chinese vegetables are used in many delicacies and are gaining popularity in not just Asian countries but in Europe too. So this season, grow your own hydroponic Chinese vegetables!

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By Dez Martin

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