Watermelon Is More Than Just a Thirst Quenching Fruit!

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Watermelon, member of the Cucurbitaceae family, is the only fruit that contains high content of water (92% water). Since ancient times people ate watermelon to protect the body from losing necessary water at the time of water crises. It is the most refreshing and thirst quenching fruit available in all seasons. Watermelon can be wholly consumed, i.e., you can eat its rich red flesh, seeds and rind.

Watermelon Seeds

Commonly, seeds of all fruits and vegetables are either discarded or used to sow crops. Very few are acquainted with health benefits of watermelon seeds; they also have medicinal benefits. Its extract can be used as a home remedy to heal many health problems. Watermelon seeds can be transformed into beneficial seed oil also known as Kalahari oil which acts as a good moisturizer. These seeds have high nutritional value; they are rich in protein, iron, fats, and are great source of calories. They contain essential vitamins like thiamin and riboflavin. In many countries watermelon seeds are roasted and served as snacks, they are also used in soups. Besides its health benefits watermelon seeds can also be used for number of crafts; you can make seed necklace and beautiful watermelon seed mosaic!

Health Benefits of Watermelon

Watermelon as a food helps to speed the development of white blood cells in the body that helps to heal skin problems and it also urges the growth of new skin tissue. It helps to fight diseases like asthma, diabetes, andarthritis; it also helps control blood pressure and regulates heart beat therefore preventing heart strokes. It is a potassium-rich food that helps stimulate kidney action and increase the production of urine which helps exclusion of toxins and kidney stones; it also helps reduce age-related bone loss. Because watermelon contains 95% water it solves the problem of dehydration. It increases your immune system therefore protecting your body from allergies and infections. Watermelon is a natural source of Vitamin B6 which acts as an excellent energy booster. Watermelon if consumed after dinner can help improve sleep too!

A research concluded that watermelon is the richest source of lycopene (an antioxidant that fights UV-induced group of elements that are harmful to the skin) that helps reduce skin damage by 40%. It has been proven that men who ate lycopene-rich diet had much lower risk of developing certain cancers, especially prosrate cancer. Note, a watermelon with rich red flesh is an excellent source of lycopene.

Just like its flesh and seeds, watermelon juice also has health benefits. Watermelon juice is very beneficial during summers and while travelling to places where water is very precious.

Watermelon is very helpful for pregnant women; it eases common problems faced by pregnant women, for instance, heartburn and swelling. Because it has high water content and natural sugars it helps ease nausea; watermelon also helps develop baby’s vision, brain, nervous and immune system.

Here is the good news for people who are health conscious; who are always worried about the food they eat and the calories they consume; watermelon helps to kill appetite but in a good way. It is an excellent food for weight loss. Watermelon is highly recommended fruit by dieticians. It is a fat free fruit, low in calories and high in energy. This makes watermelon an ideal diet fruit!

Tips to Grow Bigger and Juicier Watermelon

If you wish to grow watermelon effortlessly and without any mess then hydroponics is an ideal method for you! Hydroponically grown watermelons are bigger and juicier. Watermelon being a heavy and bulky fruit needs lot of space and energy to grow efficiently. With hydroponics you can successfully build your personal watermelon garden. Hydroponics will help your plants to grow with precise supply of elements your plants need to grow faster, for instance, nutrients, lights, temperature, water and air. With the help of hydroponics you can easily grow bulky and bigger watermelons anywhere you want!

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