Your Kids Can Explore Hydroponics Too

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Hydroponics & KidsIf you’re planning to make your kids learn something new and exciting, then you should consider hydroponics gardening. Adults have diverse opinions on the whole idea of kids trying hydroponics. Many feel it’s meant for grown-ups but many also wish to teach their kids grow plants hydroponically. With many ways to demonstrate gardening with the help of hydroponics you can give your kids a first-hand learning experience. Hydroponics is a fascinating and innovative concept of cultivation that you can show your children at home and make them practice too. While teaching hydroponics to your kids, you can from many options and sources available on the market and online.

But, before you start it’s very important for you to understand the whole concept of hydroponics yourself. The first thing you’ll know that hydroponics is the method to grow plants without soil. You’ll further learn that plants grown in hydroponics are allowed to grow in water with direct supply of important nutrients dissolved in water. Your kids can learn to grow plants in significantly smaller area with great speed. Therefore looking at their plant growing faster they can have fun and enjoy the fruits of their own creation, which will boost their confidence level.

It’s advisable to start hydroponics for kids by building a simple wick system which is basic and helpful for a good demonstration. Then use a cutting that you’ll release in some growing medium such as gravel or sand. The container in which you’ll allow your cutting to stay should have a hole and thread a cotton wick through that hole. One end of the cotton wick will reach the root zone and the other will be into a nutrient solution to efficiently nourish the plant.

Take enough time to demonstrate the whole method of growing plants hydroponically, even though it’s very simple. Let your kids know the principle behind the system and how the whole procedure of nutrient traveling the wick and maintain good health of your plants. They’ll also get over the traditional method of growing plants in soil which can be very stressful and demanding. With the help of hydroponics you can also give science lessons, for instance, why cotton wick is better than nylon for transferring water and nutrients up the wick.

Your kids will surely love hydroponics as it’s easy to grasp and can also be easily put it into practice. If you can, then give them a personal hydroponics set up to make learning easier and fun for everyone. Let your kids enjoy hydroponics and take advantage of what it offers to them!

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By Dez Martin

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