Get Perfect Hydroponic pH with Buffers and Stabilizers

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One of the major problems faced by hydroponic medical marijuana growers is the stability in the pH buffers exists in the general market. Numerous brands of pH up and pH down can be very different in not only their unique potency but also in the durability in which they affect a solution. This is true for the pH buffers and stabilizers additional to many of the hydroponic fertilizers on the market.

Most of the growers don’t know that every pH stabilizing agent has a restricted pH balancing ability and they are not perfect ph stabilizer. Most of the weaker pH stabilizers are only able of combating negligible deviations from the desired range for a short period of time. When more aggressive pH swings occur these buffers are ineffective. There are stronger stabilizing agents that can be used to combat the larger variances in pH caused by acids.

The answer is to find pH stabilizers that balance chemistry and biology. The pH stabilizers need to be powerful enough to manage pH fluctuations related with nutrient uptake, temperature changes, and microbial activity while not compromising the plant’s usual internal pH or the vital acid pH around the fragile root tips. No wonder the idea of nutrients that stay in the perfect pH range are what growers have been looking for.

The idea is finding these stabilizers in a form that is non-toxic to plants and soluble for the use in hydroponic solutions. Sophisticated stabilizers that are capable of handling large pH fluctuations are expensive and therefore not often used in general hydroponic fertilizers.

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By Dez Martin

Get tips and ideas about hydroponics supplies. Also, learn how to use hydroponics supplies for growing medical marijuana.

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