Growing Medical Marijuana in Scorching Summer Weather

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Its summer baby! An awesome time that brings superb weather for growing outdoor medical cannabis. On the other side, it also means scorching summer heat that can stress plants, ruin crops and cripple the medical marijuana grower themselves. It’s like; Marijuana loves sunlight, but anything excessive can be hazardous too.

Growing Medical Marijuana in Summer Heat

Growing Medical Marijuana in Summer Heat

Even though you’re outdoor medical marijuana plants are frequently acclimated to high temperatures, there has been an increase in the number of higher temperature days in almost all climate zones, and growers need to be on there toes.

You can protect your medical marijuana plant from the excessive heat just by following these steps:

  1. Shade Your Medical Marijuana Plants from the Sun
  2. The Best Time for Watering Your Marijuana Plants
  3. Remember To Hydrate Yourself As Well

Check Out the complete details on protecting your medical marijuana plant here:

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By Dez Martin

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