Gun-Loving Megan McCain On Why Medical Marijuana Is O.K.

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Daughter of former 2008 Republican presidential candidate John McCain, Meghan McCain, has openly publicized her support of medical marijuana.

Gun-loving Megan McCain On Why Medical Marijuana Is O.K.

Being a Republican too, Meghan McCain often remarks on the political sights in renowned magazines and blogs.

In her new book, America, You Sexy Bitch: A Love Letter to Freedom she writes about her experiences and occurrences. The book is based on a great American road trip she took with comedian Michael Ian Black.

Meghan McCain is no unfamiliar person to going against the conventional grain. She came out to support marriage equality as well, to the disappointment of a variety of leading political groups.

Eventually, McCain is not alone in her Republican-based support to end prohibition. Gary Johnson, Pat Robertson and other conservatives have come forward in recent times with the same sentiments as McCain and other progressive counterparts.

It is an interesting turn of events when the newer generation of political voices chooses reason and the belief in doing what is best for society as a whole above staunch politics that have little to no basis; especially in the name of an abundantly expensive war against our nation’s people.

Check out what she has to say about her latest book & medical marijuana: Gun-loving, Christian And Republican Megan McCain On Why Medical Marijuana Is O.K.

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By Dez Martin

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