Hacker Group Anonymous Declares War on Marijuana Prohibition

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Following the exclusive Anonymous interview published by, buzz is that other members of the hacker group collectively came forward to disclose some additional specifications surrounding their plan for medical marijuana legalization.

Anonymous Declares War On Marijuana Prohibition

Anonymous Declares War On Marijuana Prohibition

According to the Anonymous Group this is the Phase 2. Phase 2 includes coordinating rallies in support of medical marijuana in as many locales as possible. Reportedly, another aspect of the plan is something more controversial and arguable.

Anonymous group said, they will reveal the individuality and real intentions of the “Narco-Warriors”. According to the group, Narco-warriors are the men, women and groups that make profits by keeping medical marijuana prohibited. They are reputed corporate lobbyist, politicians who accept payoffs, big pharma, prison contractors and anyone else that takes advantage of the dark, seedy side of our system’s medical marijuana legal standing.

We will not rest day or night until they end their unjust war on cannabis users” – Anonymous Group. Anonymous will expose them to the public.

Read an exclusive release from the Anonymous group regarding the next steps of their work here:

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By Dez Martin

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