Have A Headache? Learn Which Strain of MMJ Will Cure It!!

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Different strains of medical marijuana have unlike effects on the smoker. A certain strain may help a person who suffers from anxiety, while an additional strain may cause an increase in anxiety. This is why is such a immense idea and useful source of information. The site has accumulated lists of ailments patients can click on, to find out which strain of medical marijuana will assist them most. Each strain has a picture and a review, which includes the name of the strain, a physical explanation of the buds, as well as a explanation of its smell and taste, level of potency, effects, and most importantly, which ailments that particular strain is best for. Guide to MMJ

The ailments the site lists include anxiety, asthma, back pain, depression, headaches, insomnia, nausea, overall pain, and social anxiety among others problems. The lists of different strains are endless; in fact, I’ve never seen such a comprehensive list of marijuana strains.

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By Dez Martin

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