How To Get Best Trim Of Your Medical Cannabis Yield?

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Crop time is the best time for the medical cannabis grower. It’s finally time to gather the rewards of countless hours of hard work over the last few months. There are little tricks of the skill that can help make more efficient trimming process and capture as much of your hard earned crop as possible.

Marijuana Yield

Marijuana Trimmnig

In the first stage you must remove the medical cannabis from the plant. Cut all the branches into lengths fitting to trimming and hanging. This will save some time that would be spent later cutting branches to the suitable size. It also makes your transport easier and well-organized. Because of this cutting process many branches can be transported via storage containers or other storage devices to the real trim station.

Stage 2 is where the real trimming starts. Cut all the fan leaves as close to the main stem as possible, thus eliminating any “sticks” that would become visible throughout the buds after exposure to air or drying. Many medical cannabis varieties’ fan leaves can be removed one by one with help of hands simply holding the branch in one hand and plucking the fan leaves off with the other. If severe peeling occurring with this method, resort back to the scissors as you may damage some of the buds. If desired, you can save any healthy (green) fan leaves for later use in removal methods (oil or butter used for medical edibles).

This is the stage where the magic happens. In this stage the buds are manicured into their finishing shape. A good hand trimmer will get very close to the actual bud, sometimes gently penetrating it to trim off an unwanted leaf.

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By Dez Martin

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