Learn To Cook With Cannabis!!!

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For years now, I’ve been bamboozled at the idea of cooking with marijuana. I’ve always been frightened to attempt it because, well, what if I confusion it up? I’d lose so much weed it just doesn’t seem worth the risk. Well, now there’s an awfully helpful website dedicated to cooking with marijuana, with a list of do’s and don’ts, recipes for sweet and savory dishes, cocktails and other drinks, and interesting information about cooking with cannabis. Problem solved. Learn to cook cannabis
The cannabis chef offers tasty recipes for not only the sweet and luscious kinds of treats people usually make for fun and special occasions, but also for savory dishes that can be incorporated into your every day diet. Savory recipes include mouth-watering dishes such as black bean and corn salad, which gets its dose from a cannabis balsamic vinaigrette dressing, a vegan bruschetta that uses cannabis oil, and pizza and pesto sauce, amongst other delicious menu ideas. Recipes for sweets include brownies, banana bread, sugar cookies, rice krispy treats and more. There are even recipes for cannabis jello shots and marijuana coffee!

Continue reading here: The Cannabis Chef Makes Cooking With Cannabis Easy

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By Dez Martin

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