Marijuana Growing Unforced Errors!

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I felt really sad, knowing I had disillusioned my medical marijuana plants. And know I had twice as much work as if I could just suspiciously measure my hydroponics nutrients the first time!

I had to exhaust away the fresh nutrients, fill the res with overturn osmosis water, add in a concentrated dose of Final Phase, wash out the plants for three hours, draw off the flush water, fill the reservoir again, carefully measure the correct nutrients quantity (a little low because of the over-fertilization and with a little extra B-52 (because B-vitamins help stressed plants), and hope for the best.

It took me many hours, and cost me in wasted hydroponics nutrients, wasted water, wasted reverse osmosis water, wasted electricity, wasted my energy too and injured plants.

over fertilized marijuna

I lost approximate 10% of my leaves due to the over-fertilization, and my Sour Diesel and Kali Mist plants stalled for a few days.

This means I lost three days of bud size increase and resin production, and extended my bloom phase. This cost me money, time and energy.

Also, I’m pretty sure I damaged my root systems due to the overload salts and the overwatering caused by the flush and re-feed.

Now look, obviously I’m not a stud like Peyton Manning…and throwing a horrendous, unforced, overtime, season-ending interception in front of millions of people is more depressing than me harming my marijuana plants.

Still, let’s recognize that unforced errors are the most common errors in our cannabis grow rooms.

Here’s hoping you only throw marijuana growing touchdowns as you cultivate the world’s most powerful plant. Light up a Super Bowl of Marijuana bud to celebrate a growing season without game-losing unforced errors!

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By Dez Martin

Get tips and ideas about hydroponics supplies. Also, learn how to use hydroponics supplies for growing medical marijuana.

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