Marijuana Plants Life Cycle

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Marijuana plant is normally grown as an annual plant, completing its life cycle within one year. A seed that you will plant in the spring grow strong through the summer and flower in the fall by producing seeds. The annual phase starts all over again with new seeds. A marijuana cannabis plant usually grows in six main stages that include seed germination, seedling, vegetative growth, pre-flowering, mother plant, and cloning.

Marijuana Plants Lifecycle

Marijuana Plants Lifecycle


In this initial stage, moisture, heat, and air activate plant hormones within the outer coating of the seeds. This is the stage where your seed’s embryo cracks open and produce a root that fixes itself into the soil. It takes around 12 hours to 14 days for seeds to complete the process of germination.


During second stage of growing, the seed grows stem and few leaves appear. As the seedling grows, more and more leaves are produced and push upward along with the stem. Seedlings need 16 to 18 hours of proper light to maintain strong healthy growth.

Cannabis vegetative growth:

This is the period of maximum growth for medical marijuana. You need to take special care of your plant at this stage as it produces new leaves along the stem. You need to maintain this stage by providing 16 to 24 hours light per day. The vegetative stage is usually completed in one to five months. As your medical marijuana plants get bigger they will start branching off into several leaf branches.


This is a dormant period of one to two weeks during which the plant slows down its growth considerably. During this stage of growth, your plant will start showing a calyx at the point where branches meet the stem or nodes.


Marijuana plants are normally either all male or female. You need to give 18 to 24 hours of light to the female plants daily so that they can flourish in a proper way. This stage needs four to sixteen weeks to complete. Towards the end of the flowering stage the pistils will change their color indicating that your marijuana plants are ready for harvesting.


Growers cut tips of the branch in the mother plants and root them to form clones. Cannabis clones take ten to twenty days to grow a healthy root system. It can take anywhere between 10 to 36 weeks for a medical marijuana plant to grow to maturity.

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