Marijuana use by Oregon football players

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There is a constant increase of marijuana misuse among teenagers and college students. An ESPN article details the widespread use of cannabis or medical marijuana among the Oregon’s football team and how it has gathered negative publicity for the team as of now. It is also partly because Oregon is already involved in an NCAA investigation. Two of Oregon’s players, Jeremiah Masoli and Cliff Harris were kicked off the team in successive years because of arrests related to marijuana or cannabis involvement. Most of the players agreed that 40% to 60 % of the team used medical marijuana or cannabis.

The main reason behind the overuse or misuse of medical marijuana in the state, and more specifically Eugene is that it is the most marijuana friendly state in the US as per the marijuana state laws. Per the marijuana laws in the state, liberal use of marijuana is allowed. It was noted that among the players, marijuana was a more preferred substance than alcohol as there is no hangover effect and doesn’t have any ill effect on the performance of the players the next day.

Oregon defended itself and the state marijuana laws by stating “Student athletes at the University of Oregon are tested for illegal substances to the extent possible under existing Oregon state law, which prohibits random testing.” Oregon athletics director Rob Mullens said in a statement, “We continue to work diligently to educate our student-athletes on the harmful impact of illegal substances. In addition, we have articulated our illegal substances policy to our student-athletes and have clearly defined sanctions for a positive test.”

However use of medical marijuana cannabis among football players is not restricted only to Oregon. Recently three LSU players were suspended for a game for testing positive for use of synthetic marijuana. Also two Georgia players were suspended for using cannabis. In an interview with ESPN, Alabama coach advises the football players and says, “If marijuana infiltrates your program, then everyone is going to do it and you’ve got a huge problem. If you don’t test and do it right, that’s what’s going to happen — because it’s everywhere on college campuses.”

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By Dez Martin

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