Medical Marijuana Group Displays Message On Billboards

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Marijuana Laws

Marijuana Laws

Proponents of medical marijuana reform have come up with an initiative to target the masses regarding the legalization of medical marijuana in Florida. In an attempt to spread medical marijuana awareness, Tuesday morning commuters alongside Sample Road, west of Interstate 95 noticed two billboards advocating messages related to legalization of marijuana for medicinal purpose. The 14-by-48-foot billboards, showing message and images in tinted blue and cloud pink have been erected on the northern side of the street.

The message “Legalize Medical Marijuana” is printed in big bold letters and a godlike hand extending from the heaven with a marijuana cannabis leaf in its palm. The billboard also depicted a photo of an aged person in a wheel chair with a caption, “I ‘m a Patient, Not a Criminal”. The second billboard displayed a message “Reschedule Medical Marijuana”. Displayed below the message is a quote from the former administrative Judge Francis L. Young’s ruling about pot in a 1988 case, “One of the Safest Therapeutically Active Substances Known to Man”. These billboards are sponsored by the Silver Tour, founded by Robert Platshorn of West Palm Beach. He is an ex-operator of a 70’s pot smuggling operation out of Miami, labeled the Black Tuna Gang. Robert was released from federal prison about four years ago.

69 years old, Robert has dedicated his life to enlighten seniors about the benefits of using marijuana cannabis for medical purpose. For him marijuana cannabis can eliminate common problems faced by elderly and even replace it with sleeping pills that have harmful side effects. To celebrate the billboards in last Silver Tour show, about a dozen pro-legalization figures gathered at the All Stars Sports Bar & Grill in a strip plaza. The renowned Fort Lauderdale stockbroker, Irvin Rosenfeld, was also presented in the show, who has been smoking some 300 joints a month. This has been approved and provided by the government to keep a bone disease in check. Robert Platshorn has been trying to raise fund for more billboards and senior tours, and currently he has a 30-minute commercial under production.

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By Dez Martin

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