Medical Marijuana Is legal, Where?

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Marijuana smoker really want to know, where is medical marijuana legal? Here I got!

When you consider North Korea, pictures of march military crowds & thoughts of an oppressive dictatorship might return to your mind; however maybe we must always even be imagining puffs of smoke wafting up from the lots a la Burning Man, as a result of North Koreans, whereas still living in an oppressive Dictatorship, have the liberty to light marijuana (called informatics tambae or “leaf tobacco”) whenever they like.

Legal Marijuana SmokerVisitors to North Korea (of that there are few) tell stories of marijuana plants growing freely by roadsides in each rural and concrete areas, and of a rustic within which plant-derived “drugs” like marijuana and narcotic are absolutely legal and socially acceptable to be used.

This may appear ironic to those folks within the Western World Health Organization see North Korea as having regarding the foremost tyrannical government on the world. However, there has in no way been a statute within the country for outlawing plants that they are doing not see as harmful (what a concept) and marijuana could be a widespread, acceptable different to tobacco, that is far costlier and unsafe to the health of voters.

Read visitors stories of marijuana plants growing freely by roadsides

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By Dez Martin

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