Medical Marijuana – The Best Medicinal Pain Relief

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Where traditional chronic pain medications fail, medical marijuana comes to relief for patients suffering from chronic pain syndrome. Medical marijuana as a chronic pain management tool can relieve patients from pain and improve their quality of life with any serious side effects associated with some pain relievers. Cannabinoids have well-documented analgesic properties that make medical marijuana an effective medicine to treat many cases of chronic pain syndrome. In scientific studies, most medical marijuana patients experience pain relief.

Medical Marijuana Pain Reliever

According to various marijuana magazines, pain relief is the primary benefit of medical marijuana. American Academy of Family Physicians, the American Public Health Association, the American Nurses Association, and even The New England Journal of Medicine ratify the use of medical marijuana for treatment of severe chronic pain related ailments. It has also been scientifically proven that 70-80% of patients experience pain relief when marijuana is used as a medicine for relieving pain. Traditionally opioid is used for a long term for pain relief. However these drugs have many side effects including hallucination, seizures, difficulty urinating, and a rapid or irregular heartbeat in the short and long term. They can also be difficult for many people with chronic pain to obtain in sufficient quantities to provide adequate chronic pain management. On the other hand, Medical marijuana produces dose-related analgesia peaking at around 5 hours, comparable to but out-lasting that of codeine.” Side effects are minimal and dose-related, including slurred speech, sedation and mental clouding, blurred vision, dizziness and ataxia.  Marijuana as a medicine or cannabis is most effective in treating various forms of nerve pains or neuropathic pain.

If you are planning to use marijuana as medicine for pain, you need to first find out about the medical marijuana laws and consult a medical marijuana doctor about obtaining any license or recommendations needed in order to use cannabis legally for your chronic pain. Once you’ve obtained a recommendation, you’ll need to find a medical marijuana caregiver and/or a medical marijuana distributor to help you obtain your medicine. Depending upon your type and severity of chronic pain, you may need to make several adjustments to your dosage, with the guidance of your doctor, in order to obtain effective chronic pain treatment with medical marijuana with minimal side effects.

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By Dez Martin

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