Spannabis 2013: Marijuana Celebration! That You Don’t Want To Miss

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Spannabis is the biggest annual event for Cannabis growers, tokers and breeders. It will be held in Barcelona, the cannabis capital of Spain. It’s a place where you can smoke Sativa, Spanish grown marijuana. This is the tenth anniversary of Spannabis fest that allows marijuana consumers to party, celebrate and know more about the industry. The fest comprises of exhibitions, lectures from prominent person, awards and Cannabis cup that makes it unique from other events. Book your tickets for 15, 16 and 17 of February for Spannabis. This year’s leading sponsor of the event is hydroponic expert Advanced Nutrients, they are mostly famous for fun, seminars, giveaways and games at the event. They will hand out Brown Dirt Warrior feature film-Prohibition, goodies and energy drinks. Other co-sponsors of the event are General Hydroponics Europe, Canna, Atami and Hesi. You will never see big marijuana companies sponsoring for the event but this time they are making big at the Europe event, as they find Europe quite a safe place for marijuana.

Spannabis fest

Spannabis 2013 awards

The event also comprises of Spannabis 2013 awards and Cannabis Champions cup to felicitate the marijuana growers. The categories of Spannabis 2013 awards are Best seed bank, Best Novelty, Best paraphernalia product, Best stand and Best cultivation product. All the experts from the industry and professional visitors will be able to vote. After the Spannabis 2013 awards, Cannabis Champions Cup will be awarded. The categories for this cup are bio inside, indoor hydro and resins outside.

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By Dez Martin

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