Spannabis Cannabis Cup : The Biggest Cannabis Carnival In Spain

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Spain is similar to other European nations that legalize marijuana uses without restricting the sale and transport of the cannabis. The cannabis is openly sold in the streets of Granada and Barcelona. Smoking cannabis in public places is illegal in Spain. Spain organizes an annual marijuana fest in Barcelona called Spannabis. It’s an event for cannabis tokers, growers, breeders and the cannabis industry to party and celebrate. It’s the biggest cannabis event in the world that starts from February 15 to 17.

Cannabis cup 2013

Spannabis Cannabis cup 2013

Barcelona is the cannabis capital with thousand of marijuana growers, suppliers and breeders participate in the fest and know more about cannabis industry. It is the most significant trade fair in the cannabis industry with over 200 exhibitors and 500 companies all over the world will participate. This will bring innovation to Barcelona in the market. Highlights of the show:

  • Spannabis 2013 will display 200 booths and exhibition centre featuring leading products from the industry from hemp goods to the best seeds. Many leading companies from the industry will attend and host booth which includes Big Buddha Seeds, Advanced Nutrients Ltd, Barney’s Farm, Green House Seeds and Sensi Seeds.
  • The visitors will get a chance to hang out with the most well-known marijuana breeders that include Green House Seed Company who has 34 High Time Cannabis Cup and other awards for their work. They are the marijuana seed grower empire and have introduced dozens of strains like Neville Haze and Lemon Skunk. Paradise Seeds, Barney Farm and HortiLab Seeds will also participate in the fests that have made pivotal contribution to the marijuana industry.
  • The event includes important and interesting lectures conducted by famous personalities from the fields such as Fernando Caudevilla Galligo, Juan Carlos Uso, Hector Brotons, Jose Carlos Bouso and Massimiliano Salami.
  • Visitors will see seminars from the prominent personalities from the industries that comprises of filmmaker-grower Brown Dirt Warrior, Remo-the Urban Grower and High time Writer Erik Biksa.
  • During the fair, Spannabis 2013 will be giving awards to the winners who worked for the benefit of the cannabis industry. The categories of the awards are namely Best Stand, Best Paraphernalia product, Best seed bank, Best cultivation product and Best Novelty. All the experts’ visitors and exhibitors will vote for the awards.
  • Spannabis will host a Cannabis Champions Cup for marijuana growers, breeders and tokers. The cup is awarded to best cannabis business owner and producer, working for the benefits of the Cannabis industry. The categories are Bio Inside, Indoor Hydro and Resins outside. The jury is composed by 10 associations of consumers.

The most important objective of Spannabis 2013 is to construct powerful cannabis society in Spain. It is much regarded as global affair, attracting many enthusiasts from all over the world. The event plays a key role in promoting the legalization of cannabis, its application and normalization as harmless plant.


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