Super Summer MMJ Treat For Vegans

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Marijuana Ice CreamFor this recipe, we determined to try something different. A lot of edibles contain butter, eggs and cream, which makes it hard for those who are lactose bigoted and vegans to enjoy the benefits of medical marijuana in delicious edible forms.

This absolutely tasty vegan medical marijuana ice cream with bananas and strawberries recipe is a win-win for everyone from medical marijuana patients to vegans and vegetarians. It features vegan ice cream and medical marijuana infused chocolate syrup.

The syrup can be used on a host of other recipes, vegan or otherwise. You can even make ganja chocolate milk with it. Try it out, even if you eat dairy, the freshness from the frozen fruit and the medical marijuana kick really hits the spot on a hot summer day.

Continue reading here:  Vegan Medical Marijuana Ice Cream Is A Delicious Summer Treat

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By Dez Martin

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