Is Teen Marijuana Use on the Rise?

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A recent study has shown that there is a peak rise in use of medical marijuana among teens. It says that nearly 1 out of 10 teenagers lighting up more than 20 times every month. A report from The Partnership at presents the mindset of parents who are extremely scared about drugs like cocaine and heroine but they are unwilling to talk about medical marijuana and other types of prescription drugs that their teenager kids are more likely to get addicted. They think that the weed is “no biggie”. The 23rd Annual Partnership Attitude Tracking Study has also revealed their reports mentioning rapid increase in marijuana use and decline in cigarette smoking as compared to the former.

Teen marijuana use on Rise

Teen Marijuana use on Rise

It has been found that nearly 20 percent of North Carolina High School students are using medical marijuana at least once in the past month and lifetime use of the drug is almost 40 percent. Half of Hispanic teens report they have used marijuana in the past year versus 40 percent for African Americans and 35 percent for Caucasians. The fact that teens are tremendously getting addicted to marijuana since the past few years and it has also been proved by the case studies submitted by the University of Michigan. The study has also found out that there is a close association between teens who smoke pot regularly and prescriptive drug addicts. It is also a peer habit that develops from seeing their friends enjoying the pot gloriously.

The Marijuana Policy Project considers that marijuana use among teens can be curtailed only if smoking pot is legalized exclusively for adults. Spokesman of Marijuana Policy Project believes that, if the business of medical marijuana is completely ousted from the hands of criminals and transferred to responsible business people, who would honestly check the IDs of customers and ensure not to sell it to minors, then probably the number of teens falling prey to it can be minimized. Marijuana laws can be enforced to license its use and specify the legally permissible age limit, along with some regulatory restrictions. It’s also important for parents to get involved in this issue and make their children aware of the health hazards of smoking pots so frequently. As teen drug use takes a turn for the worse, a heavier burden is placed on the shoulders of parents to play a more active role in protecting their kids from the health risks posed by marijuana smoking.

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By Dez Martin

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